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Navy Divers Association

Go to DevGru Reunion Website for RSVP, Reservations and other details

DevGru Reunion Website:

Dates:  May 16, 2022 to May 18, 2024

Location:  Panama City Beach, FL

Link for the 2024 Reunion:

Go to DevGru Reunion Website for RSVP, Reservations and other details

DevGru Reunion Website:

Dates:  May 19, 2022 to May 21, 2022

Location:  Panama City Beach, FL

Cost:  $85.00 per person or$170.00 per couple (covers Meet & Greet at Patches Pub and Schooners Beach Gathering)

Thursday May 19th:  Patches Pub & GrillTime: 1700 until ???, Meet & Greet.

Friday May 20th:  Schooners Beach Club;  Time:  1700 until ???. Appetizers and More.

Saturday May 21st:  Capt. Anderson's  Time:  1800 until ???, No Host Dinner and presentation with guest speaker.


Thursday May 19th, 2022, Meet and Greet will be at Patches Pub and Grill about 1/4 mile from Schooners on the east end.  I believe back in the day this place was called OK Reds.  This will start at 5pm.  Also, if anybody wants to sponsor a 1/2 keg of IPA and or a full keg of Diver Red let me know and I have reached out to Darlene the manager and she is going to get back with me on the cost.

Friday May 20th, 2022,  The next get together is going to be where I ran into Chrissy after being away for 5 1/2 years reporting for Saturation Dive school in 1995.  We will be doing heavy appetizers out back of Schooners with feet in the sand and Aloha attire. There will be tables and chairs and I will be renting about 20 beach chairs with a fire pit as well. 

Saturday May 21st, 2022,  Our sit-down meal is going to be held at Captain Anderson's in the Starboard Room at 1730 (5:30pm) and this event is a no-host event, meaning you order your meal and pay for it yourself.  There is a $300 room charge that will be factored into the total cost plus we always pay for the guest speaker and significant other meals.

And JJ and Fitz you can't speak, even though I am sure you two have some good sea stories.  Speaking of sea stories, if you all want to send me some sea stories on the side, I can put together the top 10 and present them at the dinner.

The Host Condominium will be Seychelles next to Schooners and I should have the web page up and running in the next week or two.  Do not book Seychelles yet because on the web page there will be a link and you will get 10% off on your booking.  When I was there in May and out for my morning walks, yes walks my running days are over. There are quite a few rental houses on the beach and across the street just down from Schooners if some of you want to go in and rent a house.

  1. Forehand Rentals,, 850-588-3030
  2. Blu Rudder Vacation Rentals, 850-819-2979
  3., 5025 Gulf Dr. Unit #2

So again, I just wanted to get you all the dates and a rough schedule.  There will be more things going on, but I will add them in the web page.

Link for the 2022 Reunion: