SEALAB Reunions

Navy Divers Association


OCTOBER 29 - 30, 2015


Fellow Shipmates, 

This is a "heads up" announcement to the upcoming special event, hosted by the Marine Technology Society of San Diego, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of SEALAB II. For such a special event, many organizations are being invited, and at present, there is an expected attendance of at least 200 people. More detailed information will be forthcoming as the details are worked out.

The event is being held at the Holiday Inn, Bayside in San Diego on October 29, 2015 and all attending Aquanauts will be recognized. There will be a presentation about the SEALAB/MITS program as well as historical diving activities.  Speakers have not yet been firmly established, however it is expected Ben Hellwarth, author of "SEALAB", will be the keynote speaker.

a. Rooms will be available at the Holiday Inn, Bayside for $124/night.
b. There will be no registration fee.
c. There will be a Hospitality Suite at the Hotel from noon October 29 until noon October 30. Evening closing time hasn't been established.
d. There will be a dinner and raffle. Dinner reservations, at present estimated to be $58.00 per person, will be handled by the local MTS personnel.
e. There will be commemorative cups presented to all who attend the dinner that evening.

In the event there are any extra funds generated by the raffle remain after paying the costs of the Hospitality Suite, the funds will be set aside to help pay for an appropriate new headstone for Berry Cannon who died at the beginning of the SEALAB III experiment. Funds may also be remaining to be used in the restoration work on the SEALAB I Habitat.

San Diego is a very nice place to visit. There are plenty of places to enjoy for those who will choose to come to this very special event, either before or after the dinner.

Any person who intends to attend this one day event, please contact Dick Bird at 619-301-3171 or He needs to know how many are planning on attending as soon as possible.

Mark your Calendar for October 29, 2015

See you there,

Jim Osborn