(MDV) Master Divers' Reunion

The MDV Reunions are held bi-annually on the years the NDA Reunions are not held. This allows for ALL Divers to have the opportunity to attend a divers reunion every year - one on the east coast one year and one on the west coast the following year.

Navy Divers Association

2022 MDV Reunion

Date:  19th - 21 May 2022

Place:  CSS Marina, Panama City Beach, FL

Master Diver Reunion / Panama City Beach

May 19th: 4pm Meet and greet / Man in the Sea Museum

No Cost, Food and Drinks available



May 20th: golf Tournament / Gulf Coast CPOA 

Sign up via: [email protected]


May 20th: 4pm Meet and greet / Main Deck NSA Panama City 

Food and Drinks for Purchase


May 21st: at 1100 Main event is at the pavilion at the base Marina.

($20) Beer, Food, and T-shirts will be available for purchase. 

NDSTC MWR booth and Museum Booth will be set up for sales of gifts.


-Base Barracks are closed

-Mariana Cabins and RV spots are sold out

-We have been working with local hotels for a group rate, so far no luck

Most of them will apply the Gov Rate, it has been very busy here in Florida and most Hotels stay busy.

-There is currently NOT a sign up for the event or T-shirts, but will be available via online April 15th