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Posted:  09/01/22

Northrop Grumman:  Our Field Engineering Group out of San Diego has four job openings and maybe more.  This is OCONUS field work, but the pay is good.  Anyone interested just needs to send me their resume and will forward it on.  They also need to have US-SECRET.  NG is having an event in San Diego and just need to pass on their resume to get an invite to the event on September 28th from 4-7pm.  Individuals who might be interested can call me as well with any questions.

Chris Sena
(916) 663-8660


Posted:  10/19/21

Carl Boldon is recruiting for now and the Fairchild AFB position should get posted very soon.  All can be seen by going to then click on the Careers tab and then the Career Opportunities button.  OR directly by clicking (or copy-n-paste URL into the browser).

In Arizona:

In Italy:

In Washington State:

Posted:  10/19/21

Steve Arntz with FSCX, Inc. 

We have a job position that may be opening very soon at Fairchild AFB, WA.

The name of the position is Dive Master. It requires a person who has three years operational experience as a DoD certified Diver First Class (Legacy NEC Code 5342), or cross service suitable substitutes who meet qualifications from NAVPERS 18068F Vol II. (

Steve Arntz

FSCX, Inc.

O: 580-353-4015

C: 580-695-4018

F: 580-823-8537 (New FAX)

Email Steve at:

Posted:  08/01/21

Gary Barker will soon be hiring divers.  Average pay 6 figures once top rate achieved.  Location is New England.  Would like Submarine experienced divers, up to 8 job openings.  PM Gary Barker on Facebook for details.  Must be able to pass physical and get a Secret Clearance.  Gary may be reached at 860-326-8729.