2008 NDA - HCU-1 Reunion

Harbor Clearance Unit ONE Vietnam Association Reunion
Aquarius Casino Resort, Laughlin, NV
MAY 7, 2008

Navy Divers Association

Wednesday Meeting Minutes

President Dave Peterson called the meeting to order at 9:05am.

Lloyd Bornmann moved and Mike Cattolico seconded that Dave Peterson and David Ball continue as President and Secretary/Treasurer respectively.  Unanimously approved by all in attendance.

David Ball reported that he had gotten an EIN for the association and that there was $4,488 currently in the association's account.  Charlie Moser said that he will periodically audit the Association's books.

Discussion about when and where to have the next reunion was held.  The biannual reunion was deemed best.  It was requested that the third week in May also be looked at.  Five possible areas for the next reunion were given, they are:

  1. North West - Seattle area:  several members live in the area and volunteered to assist
  2. Branson, MO
  3. Las Vegas/Laughlin/Mesquite, NV area
  4. Florida Panhandle
  5. San Diego, CA

David said that he would put together a proposal for the reunion and send it out to the respective Convention and Visitor Bureaus (ConVis).  It was agreed that the current four (4) days for the reunion is a good length.  There was some discussion about when would be best to have the auction, a suggestion was to have it on Monday after the get together, a final decision will probably depend on hotel availability and the auctioneer's recommendation. There was some discussion about the need to do something during the reunion for the wives in attendance, especially in an area like Laughlin where there is little outside activities.  No set decision was made.

In attendance were three members of the Navy Salvage Divers Reunited Inc., a group of WW II and Korean veterans.  They were in attendance to see if they wanted to join with us for their reunions.  They will let us know of their decision. If they join, they will then be part of the NDA.  Discussion also centered around the fact that the current reunions are a direct outgrowth of the HCU ONE reunions and that these reunions are opened to ALL Navy Divers and ALL diver support personnel.  The goal is to have groups like HCU ONE come and have their own mini reunion.

Discussion was held about incorporating the Association and whether or not the original NDA from the early 70's was incorporated.  To the best of anyone's knowledge, the original NDA was not incorporated.  After some discussion, it was felt that being an LLC would provide the same liability coverage for the officers.

David Ball indicated that he was planning on taking a course on setting up a web site and then would create a web site for the association.  He was authorized by those in attendance to have the association pay for all costs associated with this, including tuition.

Copies of the VA letter concerning diver related disabilities was discussed and circulated.

Question was raised about whether or not the Association should provide flowers for the funeral when a participating member passes away.  General consensus was to provide a card of condolences.  Some discussion followed about the difficulties encountered for a burial at sea.  Recommendation was to check Shift Colors for guidance.  It was also recommended that we have a keg or some similar item available at the reunion where members could post the names of deceased shipmates so they could be remembered and we have a moment of silence for our deceased shipmates at the banquet.

Fernando Lugo moved and Charlie Moser 2nd that the Association donates $200 to the Navy Diver Memorial in Panama City in the Association's name.  Passed.

It was requested that everyone pass on to David Ball [email protected] any e-mail changes and e-mail addresses of fellow shipmates.  Newsletters will be sent to those Active Duty commands that have large concentrations of divers.

Meeting adjourned at 10:05 am.

Attendees at the 8th Reunion -- (2) indicates a guest:

Fred Aichele – 2
Sally Baxter – 1
David Ball – 2
Al Beebe - 2
Dick Bird -1
Lloyd Bornmann – 1
Bill Boyce – 1
Joe Buban -1
Ron Burroughs -1
Mike Cattolico -1
Bob Cave – 2
Tommy Dees -2
J.J.Duran -1
Billy Englebright – 1
Evan Evans – 2
Bobby Freeman – 1
Jay Gamble – 2
J.J. Goodwin – 1
Len Greenstone – 2
Chuck Hardy – 1
Mike Heiny – 2
Gad Hitchcock – 2
Tom Hodgins- 1

Pat Hudnall -1
Jim Joiner - 2
Gene Jones - 1
Ralph Kiensendahl - 1
Ron Klepper - 1
Scotty Koester - 1
Gary Lambert - 2
Herschel Lander - 1
Skip Lash - 2
Bill Loudermilk - 2
Fernando Lugo - 2
Billy Makaneole - 2
Frank Mantell - 2
Dennis McKnight - 1
Joe Medina - 2
Bud Mills - 2
Bobby Moore - 1
David Morgensen - 1
Charlie Moser - 2
Jon Nelson - 2
Joe Nestor - 1
Jerry O’Connell - 2
Mel Paxton - 3
Dave Peterson - 2

Jim Pipkin - 2
George Power - 1
Juan Ramos - 2
Dick Repasky - 1
Red Rodgers - 2
Larry Ross -2
Bob Schelke - 2
Richard Sherley - 2
Jean Spencer - 1
Bill Stephenson - 1
Larry Stokes - 4
Jesse Tavares - 1
Jack Tomsky - 2
Don Truax - 2
TJ Trujillo - 2
Don Vester - 1
Jon Walter - 1
Mert Weltzien - 2
Willy Wilson -1
David Windsor - 1
Ricky Wolvin - 2
Paul Woodley - 2
Gary Holtz – 1